Oak Creek Kennels handcrafts the best lanyards and leather products on the market for the hunter and sporting dog enthusiast.

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These quality leather lanyards and leads are for the avid hunter and field trial enthusiast.

Our products are made of the finest kangaroo for durability and years of use afield.

Field Trial and Dog Training
Complement your professionalism as a field trial enthusiast or dog trainer with a fully adjustable handcrafted leather lanyard and lead from Oak Creek Kennels. These kangaroo leather products come in your choice of black, chocolate, tan or natural colors. You can also select a braided combination of colors to customize your lanyard and lead.

Duck Hunters & Wingshooters
Oak Creek Kennels can customize your lanyard by adding clips to accommodate multiple calls for the waterfowl hunter. You’ll never find yourself in a blind with the ducks flying and discover your favorite call was left at the lodge. Oak Creek’s adjustable eight-strand braided leather lanyards will have you prepared to call in the ducks for an awesome hunt!

Upland Hunters
Flushing pheasants and quail, walking upland grounds for woodcock and grouse, watching a good pointer work the birds...these bring excitement to the upland bird hunter. Having the best in hunting equipment and attire is important to this sportsman. There is a pride in watching the dogs and a joy in locating a covey of birds. Having a quality customized leather lanyard and lead from Oak Creek Kennels is a necessity for this sportsman.

Quality Crafted Kangaroo Leather
8-Strand Braided Leads

Train your sporting dog in the style he or she deserves with the addition of a leather slip lead from Oak Creek Kennels. Choose from a selection of quality, handcrafted leads in black, tan, chocolate or natural. The leads are 36" in length prior to looping. In addition, custom 2-color spiral or stripe designs (from above colors) are available with clip leads or 6' lead lengths.


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